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Continuous worker monitoring

Meet your obligations to monitor human rights ("HRDD") and worker conditions in supply chains.

Low cost, simple, global, scalable - for factories, farms, mines, offices - any kind of supplier in any location.

Simple, low, and transparent pricing: from US$10 per month per workplace. * 

* Unlimited number of workers (no charge to workers) - monitor 250 workplaces for US$2,500 per month all-in: means that you can monitor all-the-workers, all-the-time and in real-time in 250 workplaces simultaneously and continuously.

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Pricing plans

Free trials for up to 20 workplaces - it is as simple as contacting us, downloading the app and switching on!

No IT project required. 


Monthly from US$10 per month per workplace.

Monitor workplaces easily, unlimited numbers of workers, get real-time data.

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Connect workers
to customers


Ask the workers

Real-time, all-the-time, all-the-workers.

Deployed at scale in the supply chains of leading European retailers including 3 of the largest UK retail groups - contact us to find out more at

Factories and farms in Asia, Europe, South America, USA and Africa - we are global, scalable, simple and universal - monitor your supply chains conditions anywhere in the world.


Drive ESG and performance improvement by flexing approvals and payments to suppliers for goods and services in real-time


Link real-time social scores to the price of goods and the cost of working capital through the supply chain and to your invoice and PO approval processes.

Our sister company, PrimaTrade provides a platform that connects suppliers so that they can to provide data and digitise documents as goods leave their production facilities - with ESG-support built in. This means that ESG compliance can be linked dynamically to terms of payment at product-level.

Contact us

We don't bite!

If you send us an email, we will reply the same day.

We are happy to provide more information on how you can use our technology to monitor worker conditions in supply chains at global scale with our product - simple, low cost, authentic and scientific.

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