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Worker engagement

Ask the workers

Find out how workers are really treated in your supply chains by asking them directly. Workers use our mobile app to tell us - and then we tell you.


All-the-workers, all-the-time, real-time. Continuous workplace monitoring reduces risk and saves you money.

Our technology is simple, low-cost and massively scalable.


From tens of suppliers to thousands and from thousands of workers to millions - this is an effective and affordable way to monitor worker treatment at scale in your supply chains.


Low cost







See ES3G in one minute


Ask the workers

All-the-suppliers, all-the-time,
all-the-workers, real-time.

Deployed at scale in the supply chains of leading retailers - contact us to find out more at

Factories and farms in Asia, Europe, South America, USA and Africa - we are global, scalable, simple and universal - monitor conditions in your supply chains across the world.

We provide a website specifically for workers. It is at

At you can find explainer videos in multiple languages. See our app in action, and see how we explain our services to the workers who provide the data that drives our monitoring process.

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Pricing plans

Free trials for up to 20 workplaces - it is as simple as contacting us, downloading the app and switching on!

No IT project required. 


Monthly from US$10 per month per workplace.


Monitor workplaces easily, unlimited numbers of workers, get real-time data.


Technology, entrepreneurship and human rights expertise.

We can make a difference.

We price our technology at an affordable cost so we can drive adoption across stakeholders and workplaces in the supply chain. Continuous monitoring of worker conditions reduces risk and leads to improvements in how workers are treated.

Together we can improve the lives of millions of workers. 


Collect the ESG data that you need each time suppliers ship and link your compliance requirements to supplier payment terms.

Real-time ESG (scope 3) and human rights compliance enables you to meet customs and border requirements and advertising regulations at product level .


Our sister company, PrimaTrade provides a platform that suppliers use each time that they ship to provide data and digitise documents.


If you need supplier, shipment and product-level tracking of the ESG compliance of your goods - then Prima has the platform.

Meet the tough requirements of customs and border controls, and meet the requirements of regulators by collecting, digitising, storing and using documentation collected automatically from your suppliers.

Contact us

We don't bite!

If you send us an email, we will reply the same day.

We are happy to provide more information on how you can use our technology to monitor worker conditions in supply chains at global scale with our product - simple, low cost, authentic and scientific.

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