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About us

The ES3G team has worked in global trade and supply chains for many years.


ES3G grew out of a fintech platform that we built which financed factories and farms across South and East Asia. Funded by impact lenders, we read and analysed 1000s of audit reports and visited 100s of factories. Without any standardised metrics for human rights due diligence and the assessment of worker conditions, and without any visible technology to help us, we quickly realised how much was being left to human judgement and trust.


Surely there could be a better way? And there is a better way: low cost, simple, scalable measurement of worker conditions.

After we sold our fintech platform in 2021, we decided to build ES3G.

Influences and academic sources

Our methodologies, question panels, statistical models and scientific approach are based on the social audit frameworks developed by the ILO, and comply with the principles of the ETI base code of conduct and the Amfori BSCI code of conduct.


We are partners with a leading US university and we are setting up a client forum to drive continous improvement in our processes and statistical modelling.

We don't have all the answers. This is a difficult topic but our innovative technology is already delivering significant impact.

Join our community and help us all to make a difference.

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Ask the workers

Workers download our mobile app from the Google play store. It takes 1 minute for them to answer 10 simple questions in their own language pulled from our larger panel of 60 topics. Workers are compensated for participating and our app is fun to use and share.


It is not a survey - it is all-the-workers, all-the-time, real-time. Join our site and access more resources, including the topic panel.

Big data - simple maths

Raw worker voice data is not that useful - we process the data to identify artificial, pressured or random response patterns - and then apply statistical modelling to generate standardised measures of worker treatment. Our social scores can be compared across cultures, geographies, industries and products.

Join our site to access more resources.

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Our apps go on worker mobiles and stay because of the incentive programs that we have built into our app.


Simple resource pages are built-in so that workers can easily understand their rights. There are easy functions included to enable workers quickly to contact suitable NGOs or other organisations if they need help. There is built-in messaging for workers to raise grievances or suggestions with management or other organisations.

These are powerful, real-time, all-the-time capabilities.

Worker voice

We are adding 10s of 1000s of workers every month to our platform, as major retailers roll out our technology across their global supply chains.

Find out more.

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Meet the Team

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