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Update: social score

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Social score - scaling fast

It is three months since we launched our mobile app into the first factory in Bangladesh. Here is a market update on the social score system as at April 2022.

We collect worker voice data at scale from workplaces using a simple mobile app in order to monitor how workers are treated day to day. We moderate the raw data to ensure it is authentic and we deliver a social score for each workplace that can be compared, benchmarked and used internationally with corporate buyers.

Market update: social s

core - what have we achieved?

As of April 2022, our social score system has now reached over 25,000 workers and collected over 300,000 data points on approaching 20 individual workplaces across multiple industries; and all of these workplaces remain live on our app – with new data continuing to flow through our systems every day. This is real-time, all-the-time - and in just 3 months.

Take a look at a typical certificate that workplaces can obtain from our system at any time and freely use with their corporate customers:

These are small numbers relative to global markets – but with zero churn and strong utilisation – our technology is demonstrating how our simple and well-designed system adds long term value to factories, fields or farms looking to showcase how their workers are being treated day to day. And we deliver this quickly, simply, cheaply and at scale. A typical implementation takes an hour to set up and initial data / results are available within a couple of days.

Big corporate retailers are getting involved

With early results from our initial sites coming through, large corporate importers are getting excited about our technology.

We are now moving into pilots with around 50 factories for 4 major multi-billion US$ international brands to monitor workplaces on 3 continents.

Workplaces involved include food and non-food sectors, farming as well as manufacturing.

Our dashboards roll up data so that workplaces can be compared - not just for one supply chain:

As our data builds, so also our ability to put workplace social scores into context gets more and more powerful.

This is real-time, all-the-time monitoring of worker conditions across global supply chains, and it is made possible at low cost and with great authenticity.

What does a retailer get from us?

Supply chains are made up of 10s, 100s or even 1000s of workplaces. The company at the top of the supply chain, often a retailer, is responsible for monitoring how workers are treated across all of these locations.

Our social score system is a simple, scalable and low-cost way to measure how workplaces are treating their workers day-to-day.

Imagine a dashboard where you can see how the whole of your global supply chain is performing – seeing those workplaces which are doing well, and see those where attention is needed. Moreover, you can see the trends over time, as this is real-time, all-the-time monitoring. And you can benchmark your global supply chain against others – across geography, sector, industry, product and competitors.

That’s what we deliver.

Get in touch with us

Workplace (a factory, field or farm):

  • If you are a workplace and looking to a great way to showcase your ESG credentials to your corporate buyers – call us now. We can have you live on our system in an hour – and you will have results to share within 2 or 3 days. Our technology is free for you to implement for yourself and to share results with your corporate customers.

Corporate buyer:

  • If you are a retailer or a company that has a supply chain with 10s, 100s or 1000s of suppliers, get in touch to find out how our simple and low-cost technology can give you authentic, real-time and all-the-time tracking on how workers in your supply chain are being treated. We can provide you with a strong competitive edge as you can use our social scoring outputs to discharge your legal and regulatory monitoring obligations, and you can share them online and with stakeholders to demonstrate your ESG credentials.

How to reach us:

The quickest way is by email to: or through this website.



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