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Worker voice in one minute - ES3G

We have made a very short video to tell you about what we do. Please watch it. Find out about continous worker voice in one minute!

Worker voice in one minute (and 100 words)

ES3G's technology delivers continuous worker monitoring in supply chains, at scale and at low cost.

  • Most companies want to know that their suppliers treat workers fairly and pay legal wages for reasonable hours in safe conditions. But it's difficult to find out what's really going on. We change that.

  • Workers use our simple app to tell us how they are being treated. They tell us so we can tell you.

  • It's easy to set up and costs little to run. From tens of suppliers to thousands and from thousands of workers to millions, it's anonymous feedback from workers at scale. All the workers, all the time, in real-time.

ES3G's technology does the work

That's right.

Technology is the only way efficiently and economically to monitor lots of workplaces and how they treat their workers. And it is even more efficient if it is implemented as a continuous program.

Continuous monitoring reduces risks, costs and administration.

Workers, workplaces and stakeholders can all self-deploy our technology - simply ask the workers to download our app from the Google Play Store and start using the app.

We provide extensive online materials to support workers in multiple languages which workers (and workplaces) can access directly once workplaces register with us.

I am a "buyer" at the top of the supply chain

When stakeholders (eg: buyers at the top of a supply chain) introduce our app to their suppliers, these suppliers are not charged for deploying our app and workers use it for free.

It is simple to roll out our app across a supply chain. Register with us, provide a list of workplaces that we should contact - and we do the rest. It is a zero-touch model.

I am a supplier - I want to try it out

Alternatively, suppliers can register directly with us online here without their customers being involved and receive a short welcome pack and then switch on to try out our app for 60 days for free.

Mapped to base codes

Our findings are mapped directly onto the ILO / ETI base codes - so they match the format of social audit. We use 10 base codes (9 ILO base codes plus one more for governance):

  1. Employment is freely chosen

  2. Freedom of association

  3. Working conditions are safe and hygenic

  4. Child labour shall not be used

  5. Living wages are paid

  6. Working hours are not excessive

  7. No discrimination is practiced

  8. Regular employment is provided

  9. No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed

  10. Governance is ethical

Our dashboards deliver analysis and results exactly the way you want them. It is straightforward, easy to understand and highlights what needs attention.

The technology runs automatically and all the time.

This means it continues running to capture improvements and changes as they happen. Most of the follow up and the paperwork involved in HRDD becomes automated.

What do I do next?

Use our plans page to sign up: click here.

Book in for a short demo (30 mins): click here.

Check out our worker support pages: click here.

Continous monitoring in supply chains reduces risk. It is easy and low cost. All the workers, all the time, in real time - we ask the workers.


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